Radnor Police Investigate Lewd Instagram Account

Radnor, Pa. (WTXF)-Radnor police say they are investigating a lewd Instagram account involving students.

"I just heard that it was a page that had some pictures of people with inappropriate comments," said Radnor Middle School 7th grader Ulysses Buzan. He says he heard about the social media page when he was at baseball practice Thursday afternoon. Word got out that someone posted pictures of students and attached derogatory comments to the pictures.

"Now I think a lot more about it that it's really a severe form of bullying, cyber bulling, because kids can't get away from it," said Ulysses. His mom just learned of the incident this evening.

"Like he said I think it's a form of bullying and as parents it's the thing that we fear the most for our kids," said Virginie Buzan.

Radnor Police say the investigation started Sunday when they got a call from a parent who found disturbing messages on their daughter's Instagram page. Police discovered pictures of at least 21 young people, mostly students at Radnor Middle.

"Through investigation we located pictures that were appropriate and normal pictures that young people would have on their phone however who ever did this altered the pictures by adding text boxes on top of screen shots or something else. They put some very inappropriate and vulgar messages on several peoples faces," said Lieutenant Christopher Flanagan.

Police notified the district who in turn put out calls to parents and posted a message about the incident on the district website. Police say it's a criminal investigation.

"Kids are supposed to be worrying about their education and starting school in September and now we're dealing with this so it really has an impact and some of these hurtful things can go on a lifetime," said Lieutenant Flanagan.

Police say this isn't a school district issue although the district is helping with the investigation. Police also say charges could include stalking and harrasment, possibly higher. That will be up the District Attorney. The account has been deactivated.