Radnor student starts petition to keep Raider name

A Radnor senior started a petition hoping to keep the Raider name but associate it with a non Native American mascot.

"On Sept. 2 the school board made a decision it was two votes. One vote was to remove our native American mascot and imagery and the other vote was also to remove our nickname Radnor Raiders," Hunny Witthoeft said.

With the discussion about removing offensive imagery continuing nationally it of course is also an issue locally and is leading to some serious discussions.

"Since that decision has been made there’s been a lot of divide in the student body and a divide in the Radnor community over basically taking away the identity of our school," she added.

What’s different and honestly encouraging about this situation is at a time when many of us are shouting our beliefs at each other, its teenagers who are taking the lead on trying to find solutions

Witthoeft is just starting her senior year and says that her Radnor school experience means a lot to her, her classmates, alumni and the community Since the word Raider really has little to do with Native Americans she started a petition to show the school board that there is a possible compromise.

"Our school's history we were founded in the late 1800s and we’ve kept the Raider name for that long but the Native American American imagery and mascot wasn’t added until the 1960s

The petition is gaining momentum and she believes in the process is also making the students and the community better.


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