Reading mayor proposes controversial solution to city's parking problems

You know the law, you can't park in front of a fire hydrant, but one local leader has an idea to move the hydrants and create more parking spots.

"I've been in this area seven years and I cannot count how many tickets I've got," said Rosaury Mota. Ask anyone and they'll tell you parking is a problem in reading.

"We have to park around here and sometimes there's no parking," said Mota. She owns a boutique here and says every day is a struggle. Still she's not so sure an idea by the Mayor to change parking in the city is the answer. According to report on Mayor Wally Scott suggested during the last city council meeting they could possibly turn fire hydrants away from the street toward homes as a way to create more parking in the city. Mota isn't sure that's the answer.

"It's a 50/50 possibility because there was a building a block from here that was on fire a couple of nights ago," she said. The Mayor reportedly said if there are 1,000 fire hydrants there are 1,000 new parking spaces and that he's not looking at old ideas. He's looking at new ideas.

"I think it's worth a shot to try it," said Tony Coscia. He's a big fan of the mayor despite critics who say the idea would jeopardize safety.

"I'm no fireman but if they can get to it where there's a car parked that they don't want there then they should be able to get there on the other side," said Coscia. He says safety would not be compromised.

"When there's a fire they don't always pull up to a clearing where they can park. They just go to where they have to and run the hoses between the vehicles where they have to I'd assume," said Coscia. The writer of the blog for writes I don't need to tell the non-firefighters how stupid this is.

still parking is such a problem some residents say the mayor is on to something.

"it should be ok. he usually has good ideals," said Donnie Johnson.

We contacted the mayor and fire chief late Thursday afternoon for comment. We'll let you know when we hear back from them.