Record 9,090-piece Titanic Lego set hitting shelves in November

Lego fans may need to make a substantial amount of room on their holiday wish-lists: The Danish toy company just announced its latest gargantuan creation —the Titanic. 

Coming in at 9,090 pieces, the massive new set was revealed on Thursday by Lego on social media. 

When built, the Titanic Lego set stretches at more than 4 feet long and now beats previous records for number of pieces, held by Lego’s Colosseum and the 7,541-piece Star Wars Millennium Falcon.

The highly detailed set includes cargo cranes, swimming pools, lifeboats, promenades and multiple decks. Several functioning features of the ship, like anchors and adjustable masts, will leave Lego fans in awe.

Lego creators will be able to separate the ship into three sections in order to view the intricate details of the interior where they will find the iconic grand staircase, a smoking lounge and detailed boiler and engine rooms.

"As well as its sheer size, the Titanic was known for its unrivaled grandeur, which has been faithfully captured in the set," Lego wrote in a press release. "Beneath the unmistakable exterior of the LEGO Titanic, there are several interior rooms to explore including the First-Class grand staircase which spans six decks and the Jacobean-style dining saloon which was located on the ship’s D deck."

The set will hit shelves on Nov. 8 and cost $630. It can be preordered on Nov. 1.