Record-tying number of firearm caught at Philadelphia International Airport: TSA

TSA Agents at Philadelphia International Airport have stopped 44 guns from being brought onto planes by travelers this year, tying a record set in 2022. 

The latest bust happened Friday when authorities say a Philadelphia man was caught with a loaded .40 caliber handgun in his carry-on bag.

Authorities say it was the third traveler found with a gun in a five-day span at Philadelphia International Airport. 

"There is no excuse for bringing a gun to the checkpoint," TSA's Federal Security Director at PHL Gerardo Spero said. "This is not the type of record we seek to set."


The .40 caliber handgun found on Friday was confiscated by the Philadelphia Police Department, and the traveler was cited on a weapons charge, authorities said. 

The traveler also faces a "stiff financial penalty" that could reach as high a $15k, according to the TSA. 

"Responsible gun owners know that they cannot carry a gun onto their flight and they know how to properly pack their gun in a checked bag," Spero said.

The TSA has a guide for gun owners on how to legally travel with a firearm and ammunition posted on its website.