Remains of World War II veteran returned to family in Pottstown

This Memorial Day will be particularly bittersweet for a Pottstown man. He'll finally lay to rest an uncle killed in action during World War II.

"I think it's a great thing that they never stop looking for our missing soldiers," Frank Detwiler told FOX 29.

Frank's uncle Carl Shaffer was among three brothers to enlist in the military when World War II broke out. On January 21, 1944, Shaffer and the rest of his crew were killed when their B-24 bomber crashed on a small island in the South Pacific. Frank wasn't yet born and in the years ahead, heard a little about his hero uncle.

In 2013, the Defense Department reached out to Detwiler and his sister with a stunning revelation that human remains had been found on the remote island.

In December of last year came the good news. Uncle Carl's remains had been found, identified and matched.

An exhaustive report sent to Detwiler showed dental records, bones recovered and even Shaffer's boots.

On Saturday, Staff Sergeant Carl Shaffer's remains were driven from Philadelphia International Airport to Pottstown. The remains were escorted by the Warrior Watch Riders.

Shaffer's flag-draped casket now sits at the Houck and Gofus funeral home in Pottstown. Frank Detwiler never knew his uncle, but he was family and now he's where he belongs.