Report: Is Philadelphia DA Williams Under Federal Investigation?

It's a battle between two of Pennsylvania's top prosecutors, in Philadelphia's District Attorney Seth Williams and Attorney General Kathleen Kane.

A newspaper report has put the city's district attorney in the cross-hairs of the FBI and the IRS.

As FOX 29's Jeff Cole explains, the DA feels this may be the work of the State Attorney General.

The story is detailed in bold headlines in Friday's Inquirer.

It reports Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams is being investigated by a Federal Grand Jury to learn if he used campaign cash to cover personal expenses.

The story, by staff writer, Chris Brennan reports subpoenas were served as recently as two weeks ago on Williams' political action Committee.

It reports a Grand Jury was impaneled at least two months ago and describes the investigation as a joint effort by the FBI and IRS.

Williams refused to answer questions or appear on camera, but in a statement to FOX 29 he tossed a bombshell.

The D.A. says:

"The story in the paper is part of the continuing retaliation by Kathleen Kane against prosecutors for doing their jobs," He adds, "Her motivation and actions are detailed in the criminal charges brought against her by the Montgomery County District Attorney."

Attorney General Kane is charged criminally with releasing secret, grand jury information to reporter Brennan, to get-back at an enemy, and later lying about it under oath.

She says she's innocent.

On page six of the criminal complaint, Kane is quoted from an email that she wanted to make "Seth pay."

The complaint implies Kane is angry at Williams for successfully prosecuting Philadelphia politicians caught on tape taking bribes. A case Kane dropped.

Kane's spokesperson, on the phone, said:

"I can tell you unequivocally the attorney general has nothing to do with this alleged investigation."

In his statement, Williams says he's referred Kane's actions, and the actions of reporter Chris Brennan to the Montgomery County District Attorney.

In that statement, Williams does not comment on the thrust of the newspaper story, the grand jury probe of his campaign finances.