Rescued Dog in Need of Forever Home

NEW JERSEY (WTXF) She was set to be put down, but then a rescue organization stepped in just in the nick of time. Now Mika is in need of a special forever home.

Meka is a 5-month-old, disabled terrier mix, and in an all too common story Meka was surrendered to a shelter and faced being euthanized. Thankfully, a rescue group named Lilo's Promise didn't let that happen.

Meka has a brain deficiency that has severely hampered her ability to walk. She's happy and friendly to both people and animals but she needs a forever home with a lot of love and patience.

The puppy continues to make progress and can get around but even with therapy they don't know if she'll ever be defined as normal but in the right environment Meka can be a great friend. She's happy and playful and loves other dogs.

The people at Lilo's Promise told FOX 29 regardless of what happens they will not allow Meka to be euthanized but they hope that people see past Meka's challenges and see a possible lifetime companion to adopt into their home.