Rescued dog travels 1,000 miles to become therapy animal

A homeless Newfoundland dog, rescued from the streets by Beverly Hills-based rescue organization Hope for Paws, has traveled almost 1,000 miles to meet his new family and begin life as a therapy dog.

A video released on March 2 details how Hope for Paws had received a call about the "gentle giant" wandering homeless, with two volunteers finding the dog resting peacefully on a sidewalk.

While friendly and healthy-looking due to his size, he was "actually super skinny" and "not doing well on the streets," but after chomping on a cheeseburger he was ready to go with his rescuers.

Hope for Paws added that the Newfoundland, who was soon christened Everest, had "many embedded foxtails in his body, and we had to remove them one by one." After a recovery period with the group, a new home and a new mission for the pooch was found.

Two members of the Hope for Paws team traveled "almost 1,000 miles" from Los Angeles to Oregon to bring Everest to his new home, where he will train as a therapy dog. His new home already has two canine residents named Bonnie and Clyde, the latter of which already acts as a therapy dog.