Researchers provide close-up of 10-day-old mountain lion kittens

On Friday, March 7, the ACR Mountain Lion research study had quite the discovery.

P1, the project's first female mountain lion collared for the study in Sonoma County, gave birth to three (objectively adorable) mountain lion kittens.

Mama, 10, now has the task of feeding her babies daily until they are ready to disperse at around 13+ months of age. Mama's last two offspring recently left her side in Late December.

Researchers were able to get a good look at the 10-day-old mountain lion kittens when the mother stepped away from her den.

10-day old mountain lion kittens, Sonoma County **Kittens were not handled by researchers.** from Audubon Canyon Ranch on Vimeo. © Audubon Canyon Ranch