Residents displaced after fire at Olney apartment building

SkyFOX was over a fire in the city's Olney section. As heavy smoke poured through the roof, firefighters worked to battle the flames.

It's the first time Dennisa Garcia has been through a fire. The mother of four has no idea what to do. "I have no place. All my stuff are gone. My furniture, clothes, passport. Everything are gone."

Her apartment is one of ten units with people now homeless in Olney. Investigators say a wind-driven fire that began on the top floor of her building in the Hillside Garden Apartments reached her house.

She's thankful her son's pets were saved.

"I was really scared because I didn't want my guinea pigs to get hurt," she explained.

Christine Melton's mother is in a wheelchair and managed to avoid a collapsing wall.

"When I saw that, I kept going. Ain't nobody but the Lord brought me all the way down here," she said.

The American Red Cross is assisting residents impacted by the fire. No word on the cause.