Residents fed up on large hole on West Philly street

The 4800 block of Fairmount Avenue in West Philly is getting sucked into the earth. Well, a large chunk of it anyway and neighbors are literally on edge.

"Kids are coming out. They're playing in the hole and things like that. It's not safe," resident John Smith said.

"We also have elderly people as well on the block that have nurses that come around and check on them and they can't get up the block," resident Darlene Shepard said.

Neighbors say cars have to make U-turns after realizing they can't get through. Our cameras were rolling when that actually happened.

For two months, homeowners have worked the phones.

"Anyone that called they put them on hold and they'll still be on hold today," Smith said.

We called several city agencies. It was the Philadelphia Water Department that got back to us saying they apologize to the residents and that sewer repair is still needed. The Water Department says it will send a crew out here as soon as possible.

"I figured you know, I'll reach out to you guys. I see you guys get results and things like that," Smith said.

The Philadelphia Water Department released the following statement: "This is not the typical level of service that the Water Department provides and we are looking into why this was not resolved faster. We apologize again to the residents of this neighborhood."