Residents fed up with dangerous road in Bethlehem Township

SkyFOX Drone flew over Christian Spring Road in Bethlehem Township, which is a narrow country road that dates back to the 1740s. It's a road that residents say it now downright dangerous because of the illegal box trucks and tractor trailers that come through every day.

"It does say no truck traffic and they just ignore it, except local deliveries. Yes, they totally ignore it," Lynn Kuka said.

Kuka and her husband have been here 50 years, but say back in the day it was a stagecoach stop for horse-drawn carriages. Now, they can't even enjoy the rural setting. 

"We used to be able to enjoy walking on our road, but we can't anymore without worrying about getting killed," she explained.

At the other end of Christian Spring Road where it meets Route 191, Bill Nelson records yet another 18-wheeler completely disregarding the no trucks sign as it tries to make the turn in front of his house. Just two weeks ago, another tractor-trailer smashed his work truck. 

“$12,000 in damages to my car, cut corner, just smashed the back of it, pushed my jeep up, sitting on top of my steps," he said.

Bill says it’s the third time it’s happened. This last one being the worst.

“It gets aggravating after a while because you feel defenseless about all this," he explained.

His wife, Roxanne, says residents have complained about this plenty. She says police we’re out the other day ticketing truck drivers.

“That was one day if you don’t do it every day, it’s not going to stop, it’s gonna continue," she said.