Loud music traveling across Delaware River continues to frustrate South Jersey residents

The booms are back. Louds music and parties continue to frustrate people living along the Delaware River.

A meeting by state Rep. Joe Hohenstein brought police and city leaders from Philadelphia and nearly a dozen South Jersey towns together to target those so-called "boom cars."

Neighbors tell FOX 29 it has been an issue for three years now.  The sound carries across the river from miles away in various Philadelphia parking lots.

"Pieces of equipment that they keep in the trunk and the backseat, anywhere from 3 to $10,000 that they put on top of the car," Philadelphia Police Captain John Walker said.

Police are promising to be on the beat with education enforcement and more neighborhood watch groups.

"The goal is to get eyes and ears. We're not asking people to be vigilantes. We're asking people to network," Walker said.


Letter sent to Mayor Kenney voicing concerns over loud noise traveling across Delaware River 

Residents along the Delaware River fed up with loud music



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