Residents Fined For Flying American Flag After HOA Deems them 'Decorations'

MURRAY, UT- Some residents in one Utah neighborhood are fighting for their right to fly their American flags.

A local home owner's association wants to regulate how homeowners can fly the American flag.

"'I have a legal right to fly my American flag, and there`s not a damn thing you can do about it," said Erin Worthen.

Emotions ran high in a Home Owners Association meeting as Worthen wanted to address a fine she got in the mail for flying her flag. Her issue was even listed on the meeting agenda, but looking around the room, board members decided to cancel last second.

"Just because she`s not going to get her way, she`s going to shut it down," Worthen said.

Outside, a lawyer for the HOA says the board wasn`t running from the issue.

"The meeting was canceled because the board wasn`t here," explained HOA lawyer Peter Harrison.

Neighbors like Joann Dugay says things have started to heat up lately, and she should know, she`s on the board. She says until a few weeks ago. The majority of people on her street flew a flag.

"After the last board meeting, we were leaving and two members of the board and a resident said they were tired of looking at the flag and was this flag row? And something needed to be done about it," Dugay explained.

And something was, as a number of residents were issued a $75 ticket saying:

"All exterior decorations must be removed within 10 days following the holiday," adding, "Please remove your flag from the common area."

"That is not a holiday decoration, people have died for that, it is not a holiday decoration Worthen said, "we have a right to fly our flags."

The president of the HOA agrees, but says resident should only fly them in uncommon areas, like backyards, or driveways, or on any holidays.

"Flags are flown on holiday events, all we are trying to do is regulate when the flag goes up, and when it comes down," said HOA President Lyn Steinbergen.