Residents of South Jersey town gather to oppose warehouse development project

Residents in a South Jersey town packed a meeting Monday night to try and put a stop to a plan that would build more warehouses in Salem County.

A company called Knightowl Holdings is trying to build nine new warehouses and two trailer lots that would cover over 500 acres of land along 295 in Oldmans Township.

Signs across the area showcase how strongly residents oppose the warehouse development. Community members say they are concerned about two things: the amount of traffic these warehouses would bring and the environmental impact. 

"My family bought the property to raise our family in a quiet area, a safe area.  Having to drive my kid to daycare or school or whatever and having to share the road with these massive tracker trailers isn’t really safe for anyone," said community member, Genevieve Sarlo. 


Knightowl representatives pointed to the $3 million school tax impact and the 500 thousand additional dollars of impact the project would bring in. For some residents, though, the concern about the environmental impact trumps the potential financial effects.

"That land they are trying to build is not suitable for industrial warehouses and my sister who farms the land across the street are not hurt by the detriment that will cause," said community member, Matthew Cassidy.

No conclusion was made at Monday night's meeting. The township says they hope to reach a conclusion at the next meeting, which they will inform the public about as soon as a date is set.