Reverend thanks police officers

WINSLOW, NJ (WTXF) What started out as a solemn trip for some local police officers turned into something beautiful. A group of Winslow Township Police were eating breakfast at the Berlin Diner after attending the funeral for Sgt. Peter Slusser who worked for the Camden County Prosecutor's Office. When they finished and asked for the bill, the server handed them a note instead.

The note reads:

Gentlemen, today you were called to serve and remember a brother in blue. Sergeant Slusser serves as a humbling reminder of our own mortality as you place yourselves in the forefront of others. Please know that along with these somber calls you know that you are each valued, appreciated and prayerfully loved by many (not a few) for all that you continue to do. Please accept my small token of appreciation covering your charges for your breakfast and more importantly know that you all remain in my daily prayers of safety and well-being. I will add sergeant to my prayers for the happy rest of his soul and all those he know enjoy eternal fellowship. May his memories be a blessing and he rest in peace. I remain, Prayerfully yours, Rev. Deacon David O'Connor.

Winslow Township Police posted the beautiful note on their Facebook page saying thank you and how much they appreciated the gesture and kind words.