Robbins Diamonds set to close its final store in Delaware

Robbins Diamonds is closing its final store in Newark, Delaware after 72 years.

"Jerry is my father. He's the guy with the diamond in his beard. If you're of a certain age, you know what we're talking about," Gordon said.

During its history, it had seven different stores with the most famous at 8th and Walnut that closed a decade ago.

Jerry passed away three years ago and now his sons decided it's time to retire.

As they leave with a going-out-of-business sale, they're also taking a stroll down memory lane. It was Gordon's grandfather who started the business, but Gordon's dad and uncle who through clever advertising got us all to know it.

"He was known for his voice. He loved playing with his voice," Gordon said.

Jerry's first love was stage acting. The guy with the diamond in his beard, which was supposed to just be a gag, even had a mascot who made the rounds across the city.

"This idea of being a local celebrity, somebody that people know and recognize. I've been in restaurants when they stop him and they're like you're the guy with the diamond in his beard. He loved it," Godon said.



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