San Jose State football player dies after being struck by school bus

A San Jose State University football player died Friday morning after he was struck by a school bus, the team confirmed.

Camdan McWright, 18, was riding an electric scooter in the area of S 10th and Reed streets around 6:51 a.m. when he was fatally hit by the bus.

Officials said McWright had rented the scooter. A source told KTVU that the college freshman was on his way to work out.

It's unclear whether he was wearing a helmet.

"We lost an amazing young man this morning. Camdan had a bright future ahead of him and everyone in this community that had the opportunity to spend time with him knew that," said San Jose State's football coach Brent Brennan in a statement. "We are still trying to deal with the news of this tragedy, and appreciate everyone's support during these difficult times."

According to the San Jose Police Department, there were 14 students, ranging from 14 to 17 years old, and the driver on board the bus at the time of the crash. None of the children, nor the driver were hurt, the San Jose Unified School District said.

"It is deeply, deeply, deeply felt on our campus. All of our thoughts, our prayers, our sympathy with our student parents, with friends, teammates – everybody in the Spartan family," SJSU President Steve Perez said in an interview.

Athletic Director Jeff Konya said McWright was a well-regarded member of the football team. "Just a very bright, articulate, energetic individual. Was a freshman, was beloved by the team, had a great personality," Konya said. 

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The bus driver was traveling along Reed Street and had entered the intersection with 10th Street at a green light. McWright, traveling on 10th Street, rode "directly into the path of the oncoming bus," the California Highway Patrol said in a crash report. "The driver of the bus was unable to stop in time," police said.  

The CHP said it was able to review the on-board bus video in order to verify that the bus had the green light at the time of the crash.

The bus driver stayed at the site of the crash and has cooperated with authorities. Police did not believe that alcohol or drugs played a role in the collision.

Initially, police said the crash involved a bicyclist, but it was later determined to be an electric scooter.

A spokesperson for CHP said, "It's a tragedy anytime we lose a life, especially a young person, so we want to take our time and really do the justice to all of those people involved."

The Spartans were scheduled to play a game against New Mexico State on Saturday in New Mexico. The game has since been postponed. McWright will be honored at a candlelight vigil at the scene of the accident at 6 p.m. on Friday.