Sanders in San Jose: Senator says he is stronger candidate than Biden

Bernie Sanders said Joe Biden is “a friend” but that it’s time to be honest about which of the two can beat President Donald Trump.

The mention of Biden’s name caused boos among a crowd of Sanders’ supporters at a rally in San Jose on Sunday evening. Sanders told the crowd “nope,” as a way of rejecting the boos, then went on to detail what he called bad votes by Biden over the years.

His remarks come a day after Biden’s decisive victory in South Carolina’s primary, which may help his campaign rebound. Though he relied largely on contrasts he’s made with Biden in the past.

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Sanders says Trump would run ads pointing out Biden’s support for bad trade deals and past support for efforts that could have frozen Social Security and Medicare. He also reminded the crowd of Biden’s vote for the Iraq war.

Sanders held two rallies in California on Sunday. 

Sanders’ delegate lead over Joe Biden has shrunk from 30 to 8 after Biden’s big win in the South Carolina primary. Sanders is still expected to lead California, especially with young voters.

The Golden State votes Tuesday and offers the most delegates of any state, at 415.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.