Santa should be female or gender neutral, some survey takers say

For many across the United States, Santa Claus is known as a legendary figure who is said to bring gifts to the homes of well-behaved or "nice" children on Christmas Eve. His appearance has stayed the same for years: white beard, red suit with white fur, boots, and glasses.

Father Christmas is also known to have a huge appetite for milk and cookies.

But ol' Kris Kringle may be too outdated for modern times, and one company has offered up the idea of a possible gender-neutral Father Christmas.

GraphicSprings, a logo creation company, asked for input about ways to modernize St. Nick and received a plethora of answers from about 400 people across the U.S. and United Kingdom.

The company then used those top suggestions to survey about 4,000 people on how they envision a 2018 version of the big man!

In terms of what gender Santa should be, nearly 19 percent said Father Christmas should be identified neither as male or female. More than 10 percent said a woman should fill the role. That left a little over 70 percent affirming a male St. Nick.

In other areas, surveyors were largely in favor of leaving Santa Claus in the typical sense. More than 73 percent said St. Nick doesn't need to look younger, have tattoos, go on a diet, or get a new hairstyle.

More than 57 percent said Santa Claus shouldn't have to change out his sleigh for traveling on Christmas Eve and the early morning hours of Christmas Day. Among the choices that were in this category were a flying car, using Amazon Prime, and riding a hover-board.

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