Save Philly Restaurants, Centennial Pharmacy collaborate to vaccinate restaurant workers

Save Philly Restaurants and Centennial Pharmacy are hosting vaccine clinics for nearly 900 restaurant workers starting Monday.
For the city of Philadelphia and beyond, widespread vaccinations of restaurant workers is one of the most important keys to getting restaurants fully reopened.

Save Philly Restaurants says that making sure guests and staff feel say has been the highest priority since vaccines were approved. 
Save Philly Restaurants, a coalition of owners of about 300 restaurants in the city, has worked tirelessly to secure appointments for restaurant workers. 

"We hope that this clinic, and others to follow soon after, will make it much easier for our front and back of the house staff to get vaccinated more quickly and easily," said Nicole Marquis, founder of Save Philly Restaurants and CEO and Founder of 7 restaurants in the city. "Despite the fact that we are eligible for vaccinations, most of us have found that getting appointments is still very time-consuming and stressful, and we find that many of our workers are still confused and or hesitant. Our goal is to continue to find ways to get the majority of our teams vaccinated in March and April."

The collaboration will be working to add more days of clinics so that even more restaurant workers can get vaccinated. 



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