Sea turtle hit by boat rescued in Brigantine

The Marine Mammal Stranding Center in Brigantine, New Jersey is treating a rather large patient, after a run in with a boat propeller.

Staff at the center rescued a 140 lb. Sea Turtle Thursday near the Oyster Creek Nuclear plant, after it was apparently injured by a boat propeller.

The center says the female loggerhead had been spotted on the intake pipe of the plant and a worker pushed the turtle back into the water, but she kept coming back up to rest.

The full extent of her injuries is still unknown, but officials say she does appear to have partial paralysis of her rear flippers. Caretakers say she is eating well, and loves crabs.

Experts are concerned about her ability to return to the sea, if she is indeed permanently paralyzed, which would prevent her from laying eggs. In that case, workers would try and find her a home at an aquarium.

Anyone who spots a marine mammal that may be sick or in trouble should contact the MMSC immediately by calling (609)266-0538.