Second suspect arrested in Center City sex assault

Philadelphia police say they have two men in custody in connection with an alleged sexual assault on the 1300 block of Lombard Street in Center City early Sunday morning.

"He's the individual the one who you see in the video actually committing the assault--grabbing her in the headlock and dragging her down the 400 block of Watts Street," Philadelphia Police Captain Sekou Kinebrew said of Archie Swinson.

Police say they have been searching for the 44-year-old Swinson, who also goes by Archie Moore. Police had been searching for him late Thursday night and believe he's the man seen in the surveillance video grabbing and dragging the woman down a block to the spot where they say he beat and raped her.

On Thursday, police announced a break in the case. They arrested and charged 38-year-old Kenneth Faixmel. He has 41 priors mostly for retail theft. Police say Faixmel is on video taking the victim's bag during the assault.

It's unclear if Faixmel was a lookout or how the two men are connected but police want you to be on the lookout so they can get the primary suspect off the streets.

Police say both men in previous cases have listed the same address--a homeless shelter on Broad Street.