Second woman charged with hindering investigation in Camden girl's death

Authorities in Camden County have arrested and charged a second woman with hindering an investigation, as officers continue to look for the suspects involved in the death of Gabby Carter.

According to authorities, Natasha Gerald, 19, of Sicklerville, was charged with hindering the investigation by providing a false alibi for a person of interest in the fatal shooting. The charge is a third degree offense that carries a potential sentence of five years in state prison. Gerald was processed and released on a summons.

This comes after authorities say 35-year-old Shakia Land, of Camden, was charged last Friday with providing a false alibi for a person of interest in Gabby's murder.

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"One thing we're looking to do in this is to send a very clear message that we're going to get every person who is responsible for this. Not just the person that pulled the trigger," said Camden Police Chief Scott Thomson.

"We know there are multiple people not only involved in the shooting but the event leading up to and after so we're looking to bring everyone in and hold them accountable for what happened that night," said Chief Thomson.

It was a little more than three weeks ago that police say a drug gang fired shots at someone in the area where Gabby was outside on 8th Street but a bullet hit the little girl in the head.

"What these folks were willing to show is that they're capable of endangering residents and children who want to ride a bike in front of their house and we worked really hard the past couple of years to change that dynamic and we're not going to lose that to these cowards," he said.

A memorial was immediately set up after she died. But police say neighbors have been reluctant to step up and say something, mostly out of fear.

"I believe we could be making even more progress if the people that have the pertinent information would be more assisting us in providing that information," said Chief Thomson.

There's a $76,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction.