See Men's Priceless Reactions To Getting Public Prostate Exams for Movember

Venice Beach, Calif. (INSIDE EDITION) November has come to be known as Movember, where dozens of men grow moustaches in an effort to raise awareness for men's health issues.

The guys at Simple Pickup have joined the movement to raise awareness for prostate cancer in their own unique way. They visited Venice Beach, California and offered to give men on the boardwalk free prostate exams-- but there was a catch, the exams had to be carried out in public.

Simple Pickup's founders, Kong and Jesse, promised to donate $100 dollars to the Movember campaign for every man who participated in a free public prostate exam.

Surprisingly quite a few men agreed to the exam and their reactions are priceless.

"It's a different sensation but not bad at all,"one man said during his exam.

After his exam one gentleman said: "I recommend this for every man, every man especial when you are my age. You're 65 years-old should get this done."

Last year the team raised $6,200 for Movember and their public prostate exam video was viewed by over 7 million people. This year they are trying to raise $10,000. The team has pledged to donate $100 for every 100,000 views their video gets. To learn more visit their Movember team website:

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