SEPTA rider says employee was sleeping on the job

SEPTA is trying to get to the bottom of a photo. Is that really a SEPTA employee sleeping on the job? A SEPTA rider says he caught her asleep then caught it on camera.

Riders on the Market-Frankford El weren't sure what to think when we showed them the picture. The picture snapped of a sleepy SEPTA agent snoozing inside the ticket booth was taken at 11:30 Tuesday morning. The SEPTA rider who didn't want to be identified says he tried banging window to wake up the agent to no avail. He says with rising fares and regular disruptions this takes the cake.

Fellow SEPTA riders couldn't believe what they were seeing. FOX 29 went to the Girard station to talk to the agent ourselves. Was she sick? On medication? Or just sleepy? However, 3 hours after the picture was taken, according to another SEPTA agent, we were only told she was gone for the day.

Once we informed SEPTA brass about the picture. They say they launched an investigation. In a statement a spokesperson says, "SEPTA expects all employees to be alert and aware of their surroundings while on duty. Every employee plays a part in keeping the system safe and secure."

SEPTA will not tell us if that worker was taken off the job or if there was any disciplinary action taken. SEPTA's police chief tells FOX 29 something like this is a safety issue since those workers are the eyes and ears of a transit station.