SEPTA safety concerns loom after multiple violent incidents over the weekend

There is renewed concern about safety on SEPTA after a violent weekend where one rider shot and another person attacked with a hatchet.

Both incidents happened just a few hours apart Saturday night. 


Man shot onboard SEPTA train after confrontation with possible suspects: officials

Philadelphia police investigate whether the shooting of a man at a Nicetown SEPTA station was due to an assault of a different individual and whether the teen was an innocent bystander.

Police say a young man who appeared to be an innocent bystander was shot on the Broad Street Line in North Philadelphia. Just a couple of hours later, a man was attacked with a hatchet and kicked in the face on a SEPTA concourse. 

According to Philly police, Kenneth Rogers, 28, who was charged with aggravated assault, simple assault and related offenses for attacking the 46-year-old victim with a hatchet, aided mayhem in the city for many years. 


Man attacked with hatchet in SEPTA station, suspect wanted for attempted murder arrested: officials

A man wanted for a previous attempt to murder in 2023, was arrested after police say he attacked a man using a hatchet in a SEPTA concourse early Sunday morning.

Police arrested him just seven months ago for a violent stabbing assault at the SEPTA station Allegheny last June. Police arrested him shortly after the incident and yet, here they are dealing with him again back in the system.

"We arrested him seven months ago for a violent assault at Allegheny and he's out on the street committing another violent assault. He’s a problem in the city. We have no idea why he was out in the system," said Chuck Lawson, SEPTA Police Chief. 

Rogers was released on unsecured bail for the stabbing incident last year after a key witness failed to show up in court. 

Despite being homeless, Rogers was given house arrest. He was to stay at his mother’s house, but because he removed his house arrest ankle monitor and could not be located, an arrest warrant was issued. 

Governor Shapiro has urged leadership to address concerns about cleanliness and safety aboard the nation's sixth-largest transportation network, SEPTA.

"SEPTA has presented plans to address safety and cleanliness throughout their system, and county officials have entertained a willingness to step up to the plate and increase their support – as a result, my Administration is prepared to make a major investment in SEPTA," Shapiro said.

The Shapiro administrations estimates the multi-million dollar investment in the state's public transit networks will generate more than $1B over five years.