SEPTA transitioning to Key Card Travel Wallet and away from paper tickets April 2

SEPTA transitions to Key Card Travel Wallet and away from paper tickets.

SEPTA will no longer take paper tickets for Regional Rail beginning April 2, officials said.

The SEPTA Key Card Travel Wallet is now the way to ride the rail in Philly. Paper tickets will no longer be accepted on Regional Rail trains or at turnstiles at the Center City Regional Rail stations.

SEPTA officials are encouraging passengers to use the Key Card for a variety of reasons, most important, they emphasize the price advantage. Key Card usage provides rail customers with the lowest fare price.

Along with the lowest price advantage, use of Key Card Travel Wallet is encouraged for the health and safety protections for both customers and employees.

SEPTA officials went on to say with the Key Card Travel Wallet, riders have these travel options:

  • Pay as you go
  • Load Weekly (56 rides) or Monthly (240 rides)
  • Load One Day Independence Pass (10 rides)
  • Load Three Day Independence Pass. This bundles three One Day Independence Passes at a discounted rate.

All of the above options are available for travel on Regional Rail and transit, including bus, trolley and subways and elevated subways.

Customers should tap the platform or turnstile validator at their station and, after getting off their train, tap off before at the exiting platform or turnstile validator before they leave the station to close their trip.

SEPTA officials urge customers to register their Key Cards. This protects fares in case it is ever lost or stolen. Also, customers who register their Key Card within 30 days are refunded $4.95 purchasing price.

Customers who have paper tickets can return them to SEPTA for a refund. These requests should be mailed:

Ticket Refunds

SEPTA Railroad Division

P.O. Box 58609

Philadelphia, Pa. 19102-8849

When mailing in a refund request, be sure to include all unused tickets with a letter asking for a refund and the return address.

More information on Key Card Travel Wallet can be found on the SEPTA key website, found here.



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