Series of graffiti incidents frustrates business owners in Collingdale

Collingdale police are telling residents to check their cameras and be on the lookout as there is a recurring graffiti problem. Police say several businesses have been hit and they’re calling on people to "take pride" in their town.

Flowers along MacDade Boulevard are in full bloom and people who take pride in the beauty of the block have some strong words for the people behind this and, what police say, has become a recuring problem in the town.

"I think this is a big deal because if they do it once, they’re going to do it again. So, now we got to watch out for our neighborhood and that’s not right," one resident remarked.

And, that’s exactly what Collingdale police are asking people to do, after a series of graffiti incidents over the past few months.

Someone tagged one business police did not name. Hair World, on MacDade Blvd, where they have since painted over the graffiti. Several SEPTA control boxes and an auto repair shop on Woodlawn Avenue, where the graffiti is still visible.

More recently, police say a barber shop at 310 MacDade and Malo’s Pizza and Pasta at the corner of MacDade and Jackson were also hit. Marlo’s has graffiti in three different spots.

"It’s just not fair because you have people here who put in their sweat and blood into the business. It doesn’t clean up very easily. You need professional equipment in order to do that," owner Anthony Latesta stated.

Business owners speaking with FOX 29 off-camera said the graffiti doesn’t appear to be offensive or targeting them in any particular way.

So, why do it?

Latesta owns a building tagged and said his shop had an issue with graffiti years ago, but with the help of police, they took care of it.

"Before, it was gang-related, territorial. Now, I think it’s stupidity. It doesn’t do anything for the neighborhood," Latesta explained.



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