Shamrocks or snowflakes? St. Patrick's Day forecast for cities across America

St. Patrick’s Day is Thursday and you could be celebrating the luck of the Irish with an umbrella, snow shovel or sunscreen depending on where you live in the United States.

Here’s a look at the forecast in cities and towns with a holiday-themed names across the country.

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Irishtown, New York

Thursday is expected to be around 60 degrees with mostly cloudy conditions.

Lucky, Kentucky

Expect a temperature around 68 degrees Thursday with mostly cloudy conditions. 

Cabbage Grove, Florida

It will be mostly sunny with temperatures around 76 degrees.

Green, Texas

Located in Karnes County, Green will be around 82 degrees with mostly sunny conditions.

Dublin, Mississippi

You don't need to fly across the pond to get to Dublin! Plan on partly cloudy conditions with temperatures around 73 degrees.

Saint Pats, Kansas

It will be around 58 degrees with scattered showers.

Stout, Iowa

It's going to be a cloudy day with temperatures around 54 degrees.

Beery, North Dakota

Grabbing a pint in Beery? It will be around 51 degrees with mostly sunny skies.

Shamrock, Colorado

You won't see too many shamrocks on Thursday. Expect snow with temperatures around 44 degrees.

Cloverleaf, Arizona

There will be plenty of sunshine on Thursday with temperatures around 81 degrees. Don't forget the sunscreen if you're headed outside!

Gold Hill, Nevada

It will be mostly cloudy with a temperature around 53 degrees.

Whiskey Bend, Washington

Expect more rain on Thursday with temperatures around 46 degrees.