Sharpshooter rescues bald eagle by shooting it 75 feet down

A sharpshooter and bald eagle don't exactly go together, except in a situation like this.

Army veteran Jason Galvin spotted a juvenile bald eagle tangled in rope, hanging upside down from a tree, and had to take matters into his own hands.

That's because he and his wife reported the stranded bird but authorities in Minnesota told them the eagle could not be rescued from the 75-foot tall branch.

So Galvin decided to draw on his marksmanship skills to shoot the eagle free.

It wasn't easy. It actually took 150 shots with a .22 caliber rifle and 90 minutes but eventually, the rope severed and the eagle fell to the ground.

"It was very windy and I was just waiting for the right shot," he told TV station KARE.

It was taken to recover at the University of Minnesota and will reportedly be released when it recovers.

According to Fox News, as the animal recovers, supporters have given the bird a name: "Freedom."