Shocking Video Shows Two People Riding Bikes on 676

CENTER CITY (WTXF) - Two people riding their bike on 676 just inches from cars driving past. What's behind the stunt? FOX 29's Shawnette Wilson says city officials who saw the video say their only hope is that the riders were lost or mistakenly got on 676.

A surprising and rare sight. A person in a car spots two people riding Indego bikes from the city's bike share program on 676 wedged between a wall and a line of traffic passing by. The person recorded it as traffic slowed.

"I see him. I see him. Oh my gosh why would you ever do that?" said Joel Angeles after seeing the video.

It's making the rounds on YOUTUBE. We showed it to bikers around the city. Most watched in disbelief.

"Yeah it is a major highway and there's a lot of cars on there. I would never even think of riding my bike there. The only mode of transportation is car on 676," said Angeles.

Denise Goren is the Director of Policy and Planning in the Mayor's Office of Transportation and Utilities.

"I think this is clearly a mistake on someone's part of not really knowing what their path is and where they're trying to get to," said Goren. She says cyclists need to plan their route ahead of time for their safety.

"Using common sense. It's not rocket science," she said. The city has marked bike lanes and bike paths but Goren says highways are off limits.

"On a limited access road like 676 or I-95 or 76 do not ride your bike along the side of the road. It's simply not safe," said Goren.

Angela Wiltbanks bikes to work everyday and says riding in the city is hectic enough.

"They're crazy," she said watching the video. Wiltbanks says the highway is out of the question for any reason. "It's too dangerous," she said.

City officials stress that bikers need to plan their route ahead of time so they know where they're going and the safest way to get there.