Shootout at Chinese restaurant leaves 5 injured as over 40 bullets go flying: police

Several people were struck by gunfire when a quintuple shooting erupted inside and outside a corner store in Philadelphia's Point Breeze neighborhood Monday night.

One victim was rushed to the hospital when officers found him shot in the leg on the 2700 block of Dickinson Street around 10:30 p.m.

Four more victims showed up to the hospital a short time later with gunshot wounds from the same shooting.

Police say the shooting rang out while at least five people were standing in the store, including a woman and a young girl.

"Very, very lucky that the young girl and the woman were not struck by gunfire because we know that over 40 shots were fired," said Chief Inspector Scott Small.

More than 30 of those shell casings were found on the street and sidewalk right outside the store, while a dozen more were recovered inside.


Police say shooters opened fire into the store, and at least one person inside returned fire.

"We believe one of our shooting victims was also a shooter, so that person right now is being held as a suspect," Small said.

A semi-automatic handgun that may have been dropped by one of the fleeing suspects was also found at the scene. 

Police say an investigation is underway as they look through surveillance footage and talk to the victims.

All five victims range in age from 21 to 45 years old, and are said to be in stable condition.