Single Dad Teaches Other Fathers How to Style Hair

The first class was a success! 7 dads and daughters showed up top learn about hair. The commitment these fathers have is admirable. I'm so proud of you guys.

(WTXF) - A single dad of a young girl is teaching other fathers how to style hair.

Philippe Morgese became a single father when his daughter was just a year old.

Morgese told Buzzfeed News that he realized he was going to have to learn how to style his daughter's hair.

He began with small things, like hair clips. He eventually graduated to pigtails, and then to braids and beyond.

"I love the time spent with her," he said. "And she loves the cool hair so it's a win-win."

Now, Morgese is teaching other single fathers how to style hair. He started Daddy Daughter Hair Factory, a Facebook page that teaches other fathers how to style hair.

He's even started holding classes to teach dad's how to do hair.

"I feel like the kudos have made me a better dad," he said. "When you hear 'you are such an awesome dad,' you start to believe it and let go of the mistakes you make as a parent."