Sixers and Philadelphia sports bring families together

The 76ers played Game 2 against the Miami Heat Monday, April 16.

You heard Joel Embiid say it to all on FOX 29 after the Eagles won the Super Bowl.

The Sixers are next. And fans are trusting the process.

There's something about a Philly sports playoffs that brings the city together. It also goes deeper. Winning in South Philly certainly has become a family affair.

Talk about a team on fire. For long suffering Sixers fans, the playoffs is the payoff for so many years of misery.

"It's amazing. These guys don't understand the glory years we're in right now," said fan Jim Hundzynski.

South Philly native Hundzynski drove three hours from New York where he lives with his two sons. But, he's making sure he's raising them right as die-hard Sixers fans.

"I've been doing it since I was a kid. I grew up about 10 blocks from here. Used to come to games when I was a kid and kept the tradition alive with these guys," said Hundzynski.

Bruce Hamm has his daughter Emily to thank for becoming a fan. His youngest of four convinced him to get season tickets two years ago. Now, Sixers games have become Daddy-Daughter night.

"It's a father-daughter night. It's fun. We come up here, we enjoy the game. It's a father-daughter thing. It's a bonding thing," said Hamm.

For longtime fans like Stan Bethea, it's hard not to trust the process.

"All of our teams, all our Philly teams are coming up," said Bethea.

These are the times he'll be telling his son about.

"I want him to remember the excitement, the renaissance that's going on in our city. It's a great time to be a Philadelphia fan," Bethea said.