Sneaky Shih Tzu steals pacifier from baby

A sneaky pooch in Arkansas, surprised her owner when she stole a pacifier from a baby in a hilarious way.

The pup was seen holding it in her mouth like a human would.

Kaylee Burks recorded this video on March 16 while she was changing her four-week-old infant’s diaper. She told Storyful her four-year-old Shih Tzu Millie took advantage of the distraction and was able to nab baby Hallie’s pacifier.

"While I wasn’t looking, my dog sneaked her pacifier that was lying next to her," Burks said. "When I looked up, Millie was sucking on the pacifier just like a baby."

Burks said the pooch was totally unbothered by Baby Hallie's crying.

She said this was the first time Millie was able to get ahold of a pacifier since they brought Hallie home, but added that "it was apparent she had been plotting it all along."