South African woman uses social media to return lost wallet

You may remember Martin Mans and David Moody. We caught up with the Fishtown couple renting out their townhouse for last month's papal visit.

Fast forward 10 months later, when the pair traveled back to Mans' homeland of South Africa for a vacation, and the couple's mountain top engagement. But the celebration turned sour.

Mans misplaced his wallet in the picturesque town of Knysna last week.

But 24 hours later a friend of Penny Foyne posted on Facebook they had found a wallet.

Penny's search led her to a cousin of Mans and the Fox 29 story we did on him back in January.

Within a few hours- a connection. Foyne saying on Facebook she made contact with a journalist at Fox 29 who just happened to have Mans' number.

A stranger helping a stranger.

We contacted Mans, who will soon get his wallet back. And still inside the wallet is his prized possession.

"I did have a four leaf clover in my wallet," he said. "And it was funny the next day I woke up and I said all I want out of my wallet was my four leaf clover and now my four leaf clover made it back to me."