South Florida mother accused of trying to murder baby, 2 children

(Hialeah Police Dept.)

Police in South Florida arrested a woman accused of trying to murder three children, including a 6-month-old baby.

Hialeah officers arrested 31-year-old Ailenys Carmenate on Saturday after they said she attempted to suffocate the infant and then choke two older children in her home, WSVN reports.

According to the arrest report, Carmenate told the 9-year-old girl and 12-year-old boy to go to sleep that night. But once the children were in bed, they overheard her tell someone on the phone that she had just killed the 6-month-old baby.

Police said the children saw her trying to strangle the baby by pressing her elbow to the infant's neck. That's when the 9-year-old girl tried to stop her by pulling Carmenate's hair, biting her arms and kicking her, "doing everything she can to save [the baby's] life."

Carmenate's boyfriend, who is the infant's father, heard screaming and tried to enter the room, but the door was locked, detectives said. Once the 12-year-old boy managed to open the door, the suspect's boyfriend was able to get the infant away from Carmenate.

According to police, the boyfriend fled the apartment with the baby while the older children tried to follow. But the arrest report said Carmenate grabbed the 12-year-old and tried to choke him. When the boy was able to break free, police said she then grabbed the 9-year-old girl by the hair and pulled her back into the room.

Investigators said Carmenate choked the girl as well until she could no longer breathe, but eventually released her throat, allowing the 9-year-old to escape.

Both children told police they believed Carmenate was going to kill them and the baby.

Hialeah police said the infant had strangulation marks on her neck and suffered a head injury. The 9-year-old girl also had red strangulation marks on her neck and trauma that caused bleeding and swelling.

Officers arrested Carmenate and charged her with premeditated attempted murder, child abuse, kidnapping and false imprisonment. She is being held without bond.