South Jersey 3-year-old invites entire class to adoption ceremony

A South Jersey 3-year-old's life was changed forever Friday when his foster parents who have known him since he was a newborn adopted the child in front of a courtroom full of his classmates.

Donald and Laura Diezmos met Moe when he was just 12-days-old and wanted nothing more than to find the baby a safe and loving home.

But after attempts to reunite Moe with his biological father fell through, the South Jersey couple decided to make him a permanent member of their family.

Moe is the second child Donald and Laura have foster and later adopted. The couple also adopted Zachary, who will now be Moe's big brother.

To celebrate the adoption, Moe invited his entire class and staff members from Holy Angels School to attend the courthouse ceremony. 


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"There are a lot friends of Moe that wanted to be here today," Judge Matheson said. "We don't often get that many people for an adoption, but we are very, very happy they're all here supporting Moe today."

With Moe playfully hiding under a courtroom table, Judge Matheson handed over full legal custody of the child and officially made the Diezmos family whole.


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