South Jersey community says they're concerned over health of horses

Cherry Hill, NJ (WTXF) A South Jersey community is concerned about the health of horses at a local farm.
Neighbors worry they're sick, but the owner of that farm says he's just trying to save the animals.

"I had a 100 messages, most of them on Facebook. All saying their bones are showing," said Darlene Supnick with Forgotten Angels Horse Rescue.

Darlene Supnick runs Forgotten Angels Equine Rescue and says the messages she's been receiving are about thehorses along Kresson Road in Cherry hill. These are the images of some of the 5 horses that concerned people have been posting on Facebook.

Jacqueline Ireland drives by on her way to work and is worried sick for the horses

"There was the three animals they're skin and bones. I's horrible. It's so sad," she explained.

Carlo, who cares for the horses, says they are well fed and provided us pictures even showing us his horse.

"They were rescued you got understand. We're the ones saving horses," he said.

On Wednesday, the Department of Agriculture, Cherry Hill Animal Control and the SPCA inspected the property and checked over the five horses here.

"I've been saving horses for 22 years, never had any violations and still don't," said the horses' owner Steve Agresta.

The SPCA says Agresto was cooperative, but was issued a warning for failure to provide proper care and must have a veterinarian check all the horses within a week. Agresta says the average person driving by doesn't understand he's trying to help.

"I got them like that. Takes a while to nurse them back to health in a short time," he explained.