South Jersey family pleads for information in hit-and-run that killed their loved one

A South Jersey family is pleading for information in a hit-and-run that killed their loved one.

"It was devastating for all of us," said Erika Reilley. She's carrying an enormous amount of grief over the loss of her youngest brother.

"We didn't have the opportunity to say goodbye and we haven't had the opportunity to forgive the person or people who maybe in a split second they made a terrible choice," she said.

It was April 9 th 2015 when someone found 36-year-old Christopher Dean along the side of the road near West Graisbury and East Atlantic Avenues in Audubon. Investigators believe a driver hit him and kept going. It was just before 11 o'clock at night. He died soon after at the hospital.

"I distinctly remember that night and it was raining. It was a night that had heavy rain," said Erika. Christopher lived with his fiancee three blocks from where he was found.

Tuesday the Camden County Prosecutors Office put out a plea for anyone with new information on what happened to come forward.

"It's torn the family apart. It's just been hard to heal over the past couple of years," said Erika. Christopher's death is even harder to accept because five years before the family of five siblings lost their oldest brother David in a bizarre accident. He severed his spine running and playing football in a park and was left paralyzed until he died.

"We were still healing over the loss of my oldest brother in 2010. That was a traumatic event," she said. In her mind, she still see Christopher's blue eyes and big smile but she also remembers his battle with the demons of drug addiction. She says through his recovery though he taught her about mistakes and forgiveness.

Erika believes that is what will allow her family to forgive whoever took him.

"They probably couldn't have affected a more understanding family. We've all made some really bad decisions and I know in my heart that Christopher would forgive the person," she said.

Anyone with information is urged to contact Camden County Prosecutor's Office Detective Doug Rowand at (856) 225-8514.

Information may also be emailed to