South Jersey mom battling cancer in need of stair lift for home

A South Jersey mother is in the fight of her life. She's battling cancer and can't get in and out of her house easily. She is in desperate need of a stair lift.

The rain-slicked steep steps outside of Kathy Campanella’s Moorestown home are a dreaded challenge for a 38-year old Mom battling Stage 4 cancer.

"About 3 months ago, I woke up couldn’t walk at all,"  Kathy told FOX 29.

She says since her 2011 breast cancer diagnosis the disease has spread to her bones and her brain. Chemo and radiation treatments are exhausting but getting into her house shouldn’t be.

"There’s times I actually have to sit on steps and scoop up because I can’t get up on it," she explained. 

Kathy’s looking to get a stair lift installed in the front or the back of her home to ease the physical burden with that comes another painful medical bill totaling $5,500.  Danielle South came to the rescue. You’d think the pair was lifelong friends but no they’re simply acquaintances through a Moorestown Facebook group.  

"Kathy is very generous always giving back, Girl Scout leader," Danielle explained. " Kathy's just really willing to give any way she can and here’s the chance for us to give something to her."

Danielle started an online fundraiser just this week. If you wish to donate, please click here.