South Jersey Police Officer Rescues Skunk with Head in Carton

NEW JERSEY (WTXF) It was an interesting dilemma for a South Jersey police officer who went above and beyond the call of duty.

FOX 29's Bill Anderson has the story.

Police officers are sworn to serve and protect but the viral video of an officer's run in with a skunk has people applauding his compassion at the same time they wonder if it was worth the risk of possibly funky consequences.

Ocean Gate New Jersey Patrolman Jonathon Whitney was out on patrol when he noticed a skunk with his head stuck in a carton. He wanted to help but there was of course the concern about approaching a scared skunk.

The video the patrolman shot was posted to Facebook and has been viewed tens of thousands of times in a few hours. Ocean Gate Police Chief said he may not have approached the skunk but it was job well done.

FOX 29's Bill Anderson walked around the quiet town and showed the video to residents they weren't surprised but they were appreciative.

So how did the video end?? The officer managed to get the carton off without being sprayed and both skunk and officer are doing well. Thankfully, not only was the officer able to get the carton off the skunk's head but the appreciative skunk didn't spray him.