South Philadelphia community activist to speak at DNC

"They were like, send us your info, we want to talk to you, I was like, ok, cool, no problem."

Just imagine his surprise when 30-year-old South Philly community activist Anton Moore got a call and email from organizers from the DNC Committee.

"And then 2 days later, they let me know, I have some good news for you, I said, what, we want you to speak at the DNC, do you accept, and I gratefully accepted and was very excited about it," Moore said.

Moore has walked the walk, and talked the talk.

As a member of the community where he runs his nonprofit organization, just one of his goals is to get guns off the streets and reduce urban violence with proactive community projects.

"I have an initiative right after the DNC called Peace Week, that deals with gun violence prevention."

Moore is not quite sure how he was selected to give a short speech at the DNC, but he has rubbed elbows with both President Obama, and former President Bill Clinton.

Senator Clinton, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee is on his list.

"I met her husband. I met president Obama. Meeting her, wow, the next possible president, that's a good thing."

As he walks through his neighborhood, he says he's getting his thoughts together for his brief national speech.

"I have some notes that I'm looking at, I'm nervous, very nervous. I'm excited, I think being able to get a platform to talk about gun violence is exciting."

Anton Moore will take the stage at the DNC on Tuesday night between 8 and 8:30. He says he is honored and humbled by the opportunity to represent community leaders who work to solve problems in urban areas.