'Spirit Fairies' dust the Lehigh Valley with acts of kindness

People are receiving special gifts from "Spirit Fairies" in the Lehigh Valley to help lift spirits during COVID-19.

"I’ve gotten handmade soaps. I’ve gotten flowers and candies,” said Nellie Rosa. She’s talking about fairies dusting her town of Easton with acts of kindness.

“It actually felt really good especially when you come outside you just hear a knock on your door. It’s like an adult ding-dong ditch basically,” said Rosa as she laughed.

She found about it through a friend who invited her to join the Facebook group that started it all.

“I just went and bought stuff to make bags and I ended up dropping them off the same day," said Rosa. Video from another Easton family shows 7-year-old Zavi'yon give a ring, a knock, and a drop-off. His grandmother says she and her grandchildren have done a few of these.

"The little kid who answered the door waved and really smiled," said Dori Porter. “One that I took and that was to a pregnant girl. I waited for her to answer the door and she was very grateful for it,” said Porter.

The idea came from Michelle Stocker and Amy Hartman after seeing it on social media in other areas.

"Nobody smiles. Everybody is down. So we figured if we could bring that joy that they brought in their state to ours it would bring a whole new magnitude on it for us and it would start making people happy," said Stocker.

People can post on the Facebook page called "Wine and Spirit Fairies of the LHV" to be a fairy or receive a surprise in Easton, Bethlehem, and Allentown. It started with wine drop-offs but has expanded.

"Putting spa-like products in their baskets. Also, some people are choosing to get maybe pizza delivered to a family," said Hartman. The women never imagined it would grow this much.

"The outpour of love that they give to one another not knowing each other is phenomenal," said Stocker.

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