Philadelphia's arts community gathers for fundraiser to benefit Ukraine

Locals are standing with the people of Ukraine as they continue to fight back against the Russians.

A string quartet from the Philadelphia Orchestra, setting the musical tone for the evening, at a gala fundraiser for Ukraine.

"This a representation from the greater Philadelphia arts community. I’m with the Philadelphia Orchestra. There are also representatives from the Pennsylvania Ballet and Opera Philadelphia," Paul Kates commented.

The artists, volunteering their time and talent to entertain the guests who gathered at the Polish American Cultural Center, in Society Hill, with the goal of raising money for Ukrainian relief efforts.


"We have to help Ukraine win the war. There are millions of people counting on our fellowship," Archbishop Borys Gudziak, with the Ukrainian Catholic Church, stated.

Ulana Mazurkevich organized the event. She’s the president of the Philadelphia Ukrainian Human Rights committee. "As we know, the barbaric war on the poor people suffering – we can either go there and fight, which I can’t do, or I can do something more palatable."

Ulana was able to secure donated food and drinks, courtesy of famed Philadelphia restaurateur Steven Starr. She also invited the Archbishop of the Ukrainian Catholic Church.

"This is David and Goliath. It really is a miracle that Ukrainians have resisted and have won so much in the last two months," Archbishop Gudziak added.