State Rep. Brian Sims posts middle finger welcoming VP Pence to Philly

A local lawmaker is facing some backlash because of a controversial social media post. Critics say the problem is the extreme disrespect he showed for Vice President Mike Pence after he welcomed him to Philly with a one fingered salute.

Oh, the priceless reactions from some and maybe that's what he was after. State Representative Brian Sims, of Philadelphia, posted on Facebook and Twitter his quote "Official Welcome" to Vice President Mike Pence who was in town Tuesday.

A one-fingered welcome we had to cover up that's already drawn more than 3,600 comments and almost 8.700 shares. Thousands more on Twitter. t's still posted, so he's clearly not backing off.

"No class, no class. Just no reason for that," Kevin Cannava said.

Ivia Delgado said, "He could have said something. Maybe not give the finger."

Representative Sims' Center City Office was locked when FOX 29's Brad Sattin visited. FOX 29 was told he was in Harrisburg and had no comment

Sims was elected in 2012, claiming he's the first openly gay member of the General Assembly. Recently, he was featured in USA Today's "Faces of Pride" as an LGBT state leader.

Will this publicity hurt him or maybe help?

The Philadelphia Republican part, responding "It is disturbing that a publicly elected Representative finds this type of social media content appropriate."

Some agree: "Your finger solves nothing" But from another: "Thank you. More of this please. Anger is required for change".