State Social Service Agencies Facing Shutdowns Due to Budget Impasse

CENTER CITY (WTXF)- It's been six months since Pennsylvania's state budget impasse, and now dozens of social service agencies are facing possible shutdowns.

Agencies like Women in Transition, in Center City, have almost no money left.

The agency serves domestic violence victims.

It hasn't been able to pay rent in months, and only has enough money to pay staffers for two more weeks.

Some federal funding started trickling down this week, but without a final budget, staffers say lawmakers are hurting those who can least afford it.

"I don't know how these legislators can go home at nighttime and sleep knowing that they are pretty much devastating a network of non-profits across the state," said Roberta Hacker of Women in Transition.

Women in Transition is waiting on $300,000.

Only about $16,000 dollars was freed up this week, and without additional funding, the agency says it will have to ask staffers to work for free.