Statue stolen near Trenton church found at Philadelphia scrapyard, police say

A bronze statue stolen near a New Jersey church was found days later at a scrapyard in Philadelphia, according to police.

Detective Lieutenant Bethesda Stokes said investigators used surveillance cameras to identify and charge at least two people accused of swiping the "Angel of Faith" statue.

The 12-foot-high statue stood across the street from St. Mary's Cathedral in Trenton for more than three decades. 

The recovered Angel of Faith statue shows shows significant damage.

It's unclear how the thieves managed to move the statue, leaving behind only its feet and circular bronze mount. 

Trenton Police Director Steve Wilson said he believed the theft was addiction-driven and warned local scrapyards to be on the lookout.

A photo of the now-recovered statue provided by the department shows at least one of its arms missing.

Bronze scrapped for between $2.40 and $2.60 a pound, according to recent data.